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Innovation Consulting
We’ll meet with you and learn about the history of your business, its products, and its current customer base. Our consultants will then prepare a detailed appraisal of competitors, global business trends, and possible strategies and consumer needs that fit with your existing business capabilities, while offering opportunity to expand and capture greater market share.
Marketing and Advertising Strategy
In conjunction with our consultancy service, or as a standalone option, we offer leading-edge marketing and advertising strategy. We'll give you a fresh approach, and use our in-depth knowledge of consumer psychology to create compelling messages that will reach your buyers in a new way.
Software Engineering and Website Development
Our in-house team of leading engineers and developers can meet multiple IT needs: from networking and hardware upgrade advice, database design, custom-made programs including mobile interfaces, to websites with full range of functionality
Conference Speaking
Contact us to have Engenuity present on Innovation at your major event, helping you both anticipate and craft your industry's future.  
Topics include: The future of the Mobile Internet - The World 'on Tap'; Creating the future of Marketing; The Media Leader of the Future; Emerging trends and breakthrough insights for your industry; Cultivating your company's Innovation Gene; and more.

So if your business needs leading-edge
Marketing and Innovation,
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