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We understand that different businesses are at different stages in the business race, and consequently have different needs.
That's why we offer a range of packages, such as the following popular options. But whatever your business and whatever your requirements, you will find our professionalism and dedication can be relied on... right to the smallest detail.
Test Lap
An introductory appraisal of your existing or proposed Marketing campaign, or Innovation. We'll give it a once-over, tell you what's fabulous about it, and also alert you to any potential problems we can see with it.
Wind Tunnel
Here, we expose your existing Marketing Strategy or Innovation to our full focus, generating an in-depth critique. Once areas of weakness have been found, we can also be engaged to work on improving performance in specific areas identified. We excel at generating strategic ideas and will work with your business to find the tweaks and fixes that suit your needs and will drive you further and faster.
Formula One
Whether it’s innovation, marketing strategy, software development or the formation of a whole new business or segment, contact Engenuity for a one-off project. This is a comprehensive consultancy package, providing both assessment and assistance in implementing the strategic and tactical changes identified - for your business to compete at the highest levels in the modern business race. 
Grand Prix
Our elite and unique offering to businesses needing a continual stream of disruptive innovative ideas in products, services or delivery. We will contract to provide exclusive support to your business (within any industry sector) for a specified timeframe. Our consultants will meet regularly with your team to discuss the state of your business and the state of the race. Then we will again set to work and provide a fresh appraisal and new recommendations - to help your business win.

Our Guarantee
At Engenuity Innovation we will never take on an assignment unless we believe we can add genuine value.

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