Some Innovation companies focus constantly on the warm and fuzzy. At Engenuity, we want results to define our engagement with clients. For we believe that a genuine "innovation culture" does not arise from group hugs, but from broad experiences, deep engagement with customer needs, earned trust, and - ultimately - from an energetic team performance.
We take our inspiration from the fast-paced world of Formula One racing, which we think in many ways reflects the modern business world. And within such a model, our aim is to function like a highly efficient ‘Pit Stop’ team, helping our clients win in the modern business race.  
Like the Pit Crew, Engenuity is in the background, only ever a phone call away, and ready to spring into action. We bring sharp insights and quick turn-around on consulting projects. And we are always watching the wider action. So whether it is strategy or tactics; a "top up" or "tyre change", we are right on call for whenever we are needed.
We are a small team, and will probably remain so.
For the people who work at Engenuity are genuinely extraordinary individuals, all manifesting what we call the 'Innovation Gene'™. Each is a dynamic, open, ethical and nuanced individual, with an intellectual curiosity about the world, and an enthusiasm for actualizing new business opportunities. We are great listeners, and outstanding communicators. And each of us has a proven ability to authentically, and serially, innovate.
Professionalism, discipline, speed, flexibility, energy.
These are the attributes that the Engenuity "Pit Crew" will bring to our clients. As well as discretion. We will be cheering, but from the background, when your business "crosses the line" to take the prize. We want to see you take your place on the winners' podium.
At Engenuity, our focus is on your needs.

So, for us, the ‘group hug’
comes after the podium performance.